Sunday, July 29, 2012

On our 3rd year @ Peats Ridge Festival ( ) we were asked if we could create a stage. So we happily accepted and the Pirates Lair was created.

We were to create the themed stage and space as well as organise the Lighting, audio and line-up.

Much fun was had by all.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monster Mash 2011

Halloween is back 2011...  A Noisy Chicken event.

Above: A video made by Aidan Keogh. The footage was recorded at Monster Mash 2011event.

Above: The "Bapmkin"

Above: Night time photo. You can see from this shot that the wings were video mapped for projections.

Above: Dancefloor Decor.

Above: Setting up the dancefloor shade cover.

Above: Building the Bat Pumpkin stage. Paper mache does the trick.

Above: The landowner standing up poles for us, so we could hang the dancefloor shade cover.

 Above: People getting into the spirit of a Noisy Chicken event.

Above: Setting up some rigging in a tree. 

DEFQON 1 festival- 2011

We had a bit more time to plan for this years DEFQON, so more time to collect scrap.

The stage its self was built from old backyard swing sets. By bending up the frames of the green swing sets, we were able to create the round of the flower. The petals of the flower were the actual swings from the old swing sets.

Above: During the setting up of the green stage.


 To build a pirate ship...

Above: During the build of the pirate ship.


A wonderful winter PSYFARI.
Due to the cold and being in valley, every evening the fog would fall into the valley and into the night. Thick mystical fog which created a natural psychedelic experience, it was so thick you could easily get disorientated.

Monster Mash - 2010

Monster Mash came around again for its 2nd year, presented by the Noisy Chicken a sydney based events crew. I designed the stage around the VJ, turning the screens into functional theme for the stage, with wings either side of the DJ. 
The tricky Part with Using projection artists is create something which looks good during the day because it will always look good at night, but big white spaces can look very boring and ugly during the day light hours.

DEFQON 1 festival

September 2010
DEFQON is an international festival which has made its way to Sydney. We were contacted only a couple of weeks out from the event to do a stage there. They asked us to do the GREEN stage, each stage has a colour as a theme. But the over all theme is to create the stage using recycled materials, which suits us just fine.
Separate to the stage I designed and constructed a shade installation, which turned out pretty cool.